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How to choose a good antibacterial toothpaste

Everything you need to know

The secret to a great smile is all in the toothpaste! Care for your smile by discovering the right one for you. Learn the different types of toothpaste, the benefits of toothpaste, and how to use  antibacterial toothpaste correctly (yep, that’s a thing) all in the one place: here!

So, what are the benefits of antibacterial toothpaste?

The main benefit of toothpaste is to keep your mouth clean and feeling fresh. Just like the soap that we use when taking a shower, toothpaste can combat bad bacteria in your mouth that cause breath odor to maintain overall oral health and give you fresh breath. Another principal use of toothpaste is to naturally whiten teeth and remove the causes of bad breath. 

Choose a toothpaste based on your needs

With all the different kinds and types of toothpaste, it’s important to find the one most suitable for you. If you have sensitive teeth, for example, use a toothpaste free-from ingredients likely to irritate. By doing this, you’ll be able to reap the maximum benefits of toothpaste.

For it to be effective, good quality toothpaste needs to be used correctly. This means you need to apply the right tooth brushing technique. Maximize your toothpaste function with this article all about how to brush your teeth correctly. You’ll be surprised and what you didn’t know!

Choose a toothpaste with anti-bacterial mouthwash for bad breath

A toothpaste that provides anti-germ function works wonders! Choose a toothpaste like Closeup Everfresh gel toothpaste that contains anti-bacterial mouthwash formula to fight 99% germs, to provide up to 12 hours long lasting fresh breath

Be a smart consumer! Know that toothpaste function really depends on the active ingredients inside. One of the best active ingredients is fluoride. Flouride can natural whiten teeth as well as prevent cavities and plaque from forming. Remember to use quality toothpaste. With natural ingredients inside, Closeup White Attraction Natural Smile will help maintain your oral health, helping you get the maximum benefits of toothpaste.

Check the certification of the brand

Make sure that your toothpaste is safe to use! Check if your toothpaste is certified by authorized bodies

So, how to use toothpaste correctly?

  • Ensure to apply toothpaste along the brush surface
  • Keep the toothpaste in your mouth for as long as possible, by brushing your teeth for 2 minutes and rinsing it once after brushing. 

Keep these simple steps in mind to reap the benefits of toothpaste and uncover your sparkling smile.