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10 things that happen when you have a crush

( It’s not entirely impossible to keep a crush a secret, but no matter how tight-lipped you are, you can’t hide the way you (or your friends) feel. Here are 10 obvious signs you’re head over heels in love with someone: For starters, you turn red really quickly.

The mere mention of your crush’s name is enough to make you blush. You become increasingly self-conscious, too.

And start overthinking everything you do or say. You make more of an effort to look cool.
You start styling your hair a certain way and begin watching indie films.

And your friends tease you relentlessly for it.
You couldn’t find a more supportive bunch.

You agree to do things you ordinarily wouldn’t.

Like ride a roller coaster because you heard that they’re total thrill junkies. You start seeing the silver lining in every cloud.

The EDSA traffic getting on everyone’s nerves? At least, it’s more time spent together!

And even start seeing a future with them.

If you’re already spelling their name out at the back of your notebook, you definitely have it bad. You become a bit forgetful.

You have no concept of time and space; all you know is you’re in love. Love songs start making more sense.
NOW you get it. You’re happier, too.

Some people think you’re smiling for no apparent reason, but you know better.Having a crush can make you feel all sorts of kilig, but wouldn’t it be nice if you could actually tell your crush how you feel? Try dedicating a song to them. Send them a link to a song they might like or create your own version of it and upload the video on YouTube. At the very least, your mutual interest in music will give you something to talk about!If you need inspiration, check out Up Dharma Down’s cover of “Just a Smile.” Watch this:

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