Couple smiling and holding each other

7 Ways to get closer

Check out our top 7 tips for scoring a kiss

Getting closer to your crush can be tough – how and when do you make the move? From body language to the inside track on pashing with passion, we’ve got 7 handy hacks for intimacy inspo.


1. Get fresh

Keen to kick-start some romantic action with your crush or bae? Floss, then brush your teeth with Closeup toothpaste. Aside from keeping your oral hygiene in check, it’s the oral equivalent of spritzing on your fave fragrance before a hot date. Don’t forget to choose a totally on fleek outfit to match your smile style…


2. Selfie snog

Fancy getting more eyes locked on your luscious smile? Then pucker up for a selfie to share with your followers. A snap of gleaming white teeth in a look-at-me location will win you likes and may even attract a kiss from a real-life superfan. Better still, pull someone you’d like to pull into shot with you and get snapping. After sharing fun, intimate moments cheek-to-cheek, you could score a date. Having a laugh can create a flirty bond between you. Remember, two’s company and the couple that smiles together, smooches together…


3. Cheeky move

It can be intimidating to ask the fella – or gal – you fancy for a kiss, so why not suggest a peck on the cheek? If your crush gives you the green light, move on to some mouth-to-mouth resuscitation! Getting active together – whether swimming, skydiving or strolling hand in hand – can provide the opportunity to make your move. Alternatively, just Netflix and chill…and by that we just mean catching up on a cool series together, the perfect excuse to snuggle up and schmooze.


4. Look of love

Kissing is all about meshing mouths, but don’t forget to keep the eye contact coming. To ensure your next kiss is scorching hot, lock eyes with your honey to max out the intimacy and read their body language, so you can mirror their mood and stay in sync.


5. Kiss me quick

There’s a lot to be said for stealing a quick ninja kiss – we’re talking stealth passion here, peeps! Speed can be sexy, and confidence goes a long way (sparkling white teeth will help you look and feel your best). Then again, taking your time makes kissing more tactile and sensual. Start with light, feathery kisses on the lips before taking things further. There’s no need to rush – after all you’ve got all day/night/weekend… All the feels.


6. Tongue-tied

Locking lips with your bae is lush, but to make a deeper impression why not get tongues wagging? Full-on smooches are the bizz when it comes to foreplay (just don’t forget to breathe). It’s getting hot in here!


7. Goodbye pash

If you didn’t score a kiss on your date, there’s always the goodbye kiss. Work your magic before you pounce by casually getting lippy, and he/she should be begging for more. You’re slaying it!