( Close up Toothpaste was the first gel toothpaste in the world to combine the power of toothpaste and mouthwash in one stunning brand launched in 1967.

Over the past 53 years, the brand’s purpose has stood very clear: Closeup is a brand that celebrates how thrilling closeness between two people can be.

The State of Closeness – By the Numbers

As a brand that keeps up with (and stays ahead of) the times, Closeup knows that, unfortunately, there are moments when not everyone is free to get close to whomever they want to. Whether it’s the fear of being judged because of loving someone of the same gender or not wanting to admit that you brought an online connection offline, there are still many, many barriers to love that we encounter in this very day and age. The freedom to love still seems elusive.

According to a brand-lead survey conducted across the globe, fewer than 3 out of 5 youths believe they are free to love someone they’re attracted to regardless of their background. This means that nearly half fear discrimination and judgment and would rather keep their relationship a secret for fear of rejection and disapproval from their parents. However, 8 out of 10 believe in the importance of fighting to be with someone regardless of their background.

A Clear Vision Forward

The numbers don’t lie, but we’ve never been a brand to back down from a challenge. With a renewed sense of purpose, we realize that it is our brand’s obligation to protect closeness from the many barriers that stop people from moving closer - be it through our products or in our role in painting a brighter picture for our consumers where they could enjoy a life of loving freely.

Simply put, our vision is to promote a state of closeness where everyone can be #FreeToLove and to empower closeness of all kinds and forms.

Bold Beginnings

Closeup Philippines was one of the first to bring the #FreeToLove campaign on the ground, to the airwaves, and to people’s screens. Closeup released its fresh Manifesto that cemented its newly-found purpose, as well as stories of Lost Loves and of couples who fought to be free to love.

Not long after, Closeup launched the #FreeToLove series, an online video that delved deeper into the stories of couples who faced and conquered today’s most common barriers to love – age, gender, culture, and the like. 

To cap off the launch, Closeup officially launched the #FreeToLove campaign through an interactive exhibit that invited people to come together and fight to be free to love.

Year 2: Doubling Down on the Kilig

On its second year, the #FreeToLove campaign delivered greatly on the kilig and romantic thrill for its audiences. To kick the year off, Closeup encouraged everyone to #MakeYourMove and fight to overcome barriers and be truly free to love.

Closeup started simple yet strong. From audiences who were brave enough to tag their loved ones and profess their love online, lucky winners were picked to get a once-in-a-lifetime chance to get serenaded by the soulful tracks of hit band Ben&Ben.

Who could think of a more perfect date?

Riding on this excitement, Closeup released the #MakeYourMove films, a 3-part video series of lovers finding the strength to overcome barriers and get close with Closeup. Watch them here. Needless to say, Filipinos all around camped out in milk tea spots, hoping to get their #MakeYourMove moment themselves!

To cap off another beautiful year of fighting for the freedom to love, Closeup held the #LoveRules exhibit – a one-day event that brought like-minded people together in a celebration of overcoming love’s many barriers. The exhibit featured a panel discussion of influencers sharing authentic stories of overcoming love’s barriers, musical and spoken word performances, and captivating murals created in collaboration with renowned graffiti artist Jappy Agoncillo.

Where Love Has Rules, Make Love Rule

As a brand committed to reinventing itself and finding new ways to fight to be #FreeToLove, Closeup kicked off the new decade by articulating its purpose through a strong message: where love has rules is exactly where we should make it rule.

This leg of the #LoveRules campaign featured a first-of-its-kind partnership with Google Maps: the Where #LoveRules Live Map, a map that allowed people to tag places where they feel they can be free to love. The objective was simple – to fill the Philippine archipelago with heart-shaped pins that told people where they can be free to let their love rule. With over 200 #LoveRules certified spots identified within the month of February, Closeup let love rule one pin at a time.

Of course, Closeup had to find a way to make the month of love extra romantic and special, which is why they also held the Closeup Valentine’s Date Treat Promo. Anyone who tagged their #LoveRules-certified locations and their significant other was entitled to win exclusive, Closeup-curated dates that took them to an exclusive buffet dinner, a special afternoon picnic, and even inside a refashioned private plane!

Closeness despite the distance

Soon after, 2020 threw everyone the biggest curveball any of us has ever experienced. With cities going on lockdown and community restrictions in place, it seemed like the enforced physical distance from our loved ones spelled the end of closeness as we knew it.

It didn’t take long for Closeup to realize a simple truth - that distance isn’t equivalent to disconnecting. On the contrary – the situation just opened up new ways for us to keep love alive and #StayCloserApart.

Through a heartwarming film that featured couples who are apart but remain close at heart, Closeup showed that there are actually tons of fun and exciting ways to feel the kilig – even if it’s just through your screens.

Of course, they didn’t stop there. Through fun and witty one-liners, Closeup released a wealth of fresh, new ideas through which everyone can #StayCloserApart.

To cap it all off, Closeup partnered with Shakey’s to send love in the most classic way anyone can – through the gift of food (in this case, one we all know and love – pizza!). By inviting users to share authentic stories of how they #StayCloserApart in this day and age, the Closeup and Shakey’s teams handpicked the most heartwarming stories and rewarded them with a pizza care package for their next virtual date.

What Lies Ahead

Since Closeup hit the ground running in 2018, it has not stopped fighting to empower everyone with the confidence to get close. It has kept audiences all over the globe on their toes, waiting for the next groundbreaking move that the brand will bravely steer towards, true to its mission of building a world where everyone is #FreeToLove. Time and again, Closeup has proven and will continue to prove that closeness knows no limits or barriers – and will not stop until everyone enjoys the same freedom to love.