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Once upon a time, there was only toothpaste – a literal white paste that oftentimes tasted chalky and was nothing out of the ordinary. It was a dreary world full of dentists in the same chalk-white coats and repetitive ABC’s of learning how to brush your teeth. But it didn’t take a while for the status quo to change, as Closeup launched the first ever gel toothpaste out into the market.

Born in the Summer of Love in 1967, Closeup has always been about bringing couples physically closer through the power of long-lasting fresh breath. Instead of a traditional approach to oral care, Closeup instead focused on the excitement created by two people coming closer – with no holds barred thanks to their confident, bright, and fresh smiles.

A Brand for the Young and Young at Heart

At its core, Closeup is a brand for the young and young at heart – and we’re here to guide anyone seeking closeness on the path to a fresher self with the power of our high-caliber products. We don’t pigeon-hole those who get to get close, too. Closeup is for boy-meets-girl, boy-meets-boy, girl-meets-girl. The possibilities are quite endless, and we’re equally excited to keep breaking the barriers to love day by day.

A Single-Minded Purpose

Because not everyone has the same privilege to get close to whomever they want to, Closeup’s purpose is simple: to build a state of closeness where everyone is #FreeToLove – regardless of background, gender, race, age, status – you name the barrier, and we’ll be there to help break it down for you.

Since the advent of the #FreeToLove campaign in 2018, the brand has gone a long way in helping achieve closeness of any and all forms.

Next-Level Innovation for Your Mouth

Since its advent 50 years ago, the Closeup team has been committed to continuously improve the quality of its products. While there are now several red, green, and differently-colored gels out there, no one can beat the OG. Closeup’s bold flavors, vibrant colors, and commitment to making caring for your mouth exciting all work hand-in-hand in making sure the brand stays at the top of their game, so that you can, too.

With products made from a breakthrough formula of anti-bacterial zinc mouthwash and fluoride toothpaste, Closeup is able to deliver superior freshness that stays with you all day long, letting you get that kick of confidence wherever, whenever.

Aside from cleaning your mouth deeply, Closeup is the ideal zinc toothpaste that whitens teeth effectively, bringing out visibly brighter teeth through active agents – so you can flex that bright smile and get close in an instant.

Formats Made Just For You

Closeup knows that our mouths have different needs, and that’s why we’ve got a versatile set of ranges to keep whatever you need covered.

With Closeup Everfresh – Red Hot & Soothing Menthol, you’re promised all-day freshness and protection. You know what they say, you can never go wrong with the classics – and these two toothpastes have you covered all day long. A great choice for a toothpaste for bad breath, formulated with anti-bacterial mouthwash kills 99% of the nasties in your mouth, keeping your breath fresh and in tip-top shape for 12 hours. It’s up to you if you want a cool burst of spicy flavors in Closeup Red Hot, or a sweet minty explosion with Soothing Menthol. Closeup’s anti-bacterial toothpastes are both tried and tested picks that won’t let you down!

Given the rising trend of natural products, Closeup understands that a lot of consumers are now looking for natural alternatives for toothpaste for yellow teeth. That’s precisely why they introduced the White Attraction range, a whitening toothpaste that restores the natural whiteness of your teeth in as fast as two weeks through the power of natural ingredients! It comes in two unique variants. Natural Smile combines the power of lemon essence and sea salt. Sea salt has long been known to be an antibacterial agent, while lemon essence cleanses off any nasties while leading to white teeth. You can also go for Natural Glow, which brings together the wonders of bamboo charcoal and coconut essence. Bamboo charcoal is an ingredient known to relieve several oral care problems such as gum pain and prevents tooth decay, while coconut essence aids in gently caring for your gums while whitening your teeth. Naturally whiten teeth with Closeup’s whitening toothpaste today!

Just recently, Closeup also launched its newest range – the new closeup All Around Fresh! The message is simple – it takes care of your top oral care needs, giving you all around oral care that leads to all around, truly fresh breath. Don’t be fooled by how simple it seems to be – this new range of Closeup’s all around toothpaste goes all-in on the care your mouth needs and packs quite the multitude of benefits for comprehensive oral care. From cleaning your mouth deeply, lifting plaque, preventing cavities, killing 99% of bacteria, and refreshing your mouth, the new Closeup All Around Fresh is perfect for anyone who’s looking for a one-stop solution to their oral care needs.

Can’t choose which one to try out? We can’t either, but we’re here to help! Learn more about the exciting offerings Closeup has for you by heading on over to THIS PAGE and get to know more about your favorite closeup products now.

The Future of Closeness

Amidst these times, closeness is something that remains to be challenged, but Closeup has always got its game smile on. Whether its paving the long, hard road to give every single person on this world the freedom to love, or continuing to outdo themselves in creating products that serve their consumers’ needs, Closeup is here to stay – and will continue to get closer with their consumers for a long, long time. You see, Closeup is not just an anti-bacterial toothpaste, it’s a brand that enjoys bringing people closer together, regardless of all barriers.