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Get rid of bad breath

Better breath morning, noon and night

Whether it’s first thing in the morning or just before you head to bed, these ideas are a great way to help keep your breath minty fresh throughout the day. From after-meal tips to good old-fashioned oral hygiene – give your breath its best chance so you can do the same for your love life.

Make your mornings count

If like most of us, you often wake up with bad breath, then a morning oral hygiene routine is key. Some good tricks for getting rid of bad breath are sometimes staring you directly in the face. It may seem pretty straightforward, but these oral hygiene hacks are super important for not only cleaning your mouth but protecting your teeth too.

For example, a good morning practice to get rid of bad breath and have a cleaner mouth is to brush before you eat, or as you wake up, using a mouthwash-infused fluoride toothpaste. Follow this with a quick rinse and floss. The more you floss, the more confident you’ll feel. 

Don’t let lunch shake your confidence

Getting rid of bad breath can be a round the clock job. That’s because of busy schedules and multiple meal moments during the day. The last thing you want after lunch is bumping into someone, particularly someone special, with lingering food smells on your breath. So rather be prepared. Keep a toiletry bag in your back pack or brief case and pack it with essential teeth cleaning items like a toothbrush, toothpaste, gum and toothpicks. When your day is full of coffee moments, snacking, lunch and maybe even drinks – having an oral hygiene cleaning kit with you is handy.

Night-time tips

Getting rid of bad breath might not feel as important for social reasons just before bed, but the work you put in will shape the results. As well as keeping up a basic cleaning routine, yearly check-ups are important for the health of your teeth and mouth.

Throughout the day, whether it be in the morning or straight after lunch, you can never be too busy to care and clean for your teeth. By picking up a few good habits you can get rid of bad breath and start to feel confident enough to say hello to whoever you fancy.