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Bad breath in the morning

Become a morning person with better breath

Bizarrely close chats on a crowded bus? Leaning in close to whisper in class? The last thing you need is bad breath. Don’t shy away from the moments that’ll bring you closer to your mates and maybe even your crush. This is our guide to a winning morning routine to help you get rid of bad breath so you can wake up, freshen up and feel confident enough to get closer.

Give yourself time

Let’s be real for a second, because everyone is guilty of this at some stage in their life: usually when we wake up, we hit snooze until the absolute last second then rush to get ready before sprinting out the door.

Giving yourself even half-an-hour extra in the morning can really change the way you feel and go about your day. With a few more minutes, you can focus on squeezing in some sit-ups, a spot of breakfast and a decent amount of time to care for your mouth. Bad breath in the morning is a norm for many people, so spend a second or two taking care of it so you don’t get to class and have to avoid speaking to everyone. 

A bite of breakfast

If you’re not sure what bad breath is caused by, diet is a good place to start when figuring out what is the cause of bad breath. And when you’re in a rush to get out the door, often breakfast is a last resort, if not completely forgotten about.

From the minute you’re up, your stomach starts to move and if you’re not filling it with something nutritious and healthy, you’ll find yourself shying away from the chance to get closer to someone. Try fresh fruit or blitz yourself a smoothie the night before and you’ll soon forget about bad morning breath. Talk about becoming a morning person, right?

Cutting out coffee and tea

We hate to be the bearers of bad news, but coffee can sometimes cause bad breath. It all comes down to caffeine. Too much of it and you could struggle with bad morning breath. As hard as going without your morning coffee might be, it means having the confidence to enjoy a conversation on the bus or as soon as you get into a lecture. Top a change of morning brew with a flavoured mouthwash infused gel toothpaste and you’re ready to get closer to whoever you have your eye on.

With a little extra time and a few tough decisions, you can say goodbye to bad morning breath and hello to having more up close and personal conversations almost as soon as you wake up. Go on, get your confidence soaring.