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Our Story

Our story begins in 1965 when Closeup was the first to bring a gel toothpaste, infused with mouthwash to market.

Today, our team of professionals continue to develop innovative toothpastes, supported by clinically proven technologies, focussing on anti-cavity protection, visible whitening and superior freshness.

Close-Up toothpaste is also available in the Philippines, Peru, Argentina, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, India, Iran, Brazil, Russia and Bangladesh. It is also one of the top brands in India, continuing to break through social barriers. See more on our Purpose to find out more. 

Out of all the oral care issues, there are 2 that we believe greatly impact confidence and closeness. We have made it our mission to find solutions for fresh breath and white teeth, so you can get the confidence to get close.

Key benefits of our gel toothpaste

  1. Enhance breath-freshening with our fresh breath technology
  2. Enhances the removal of plaque
  3. Effectively removes unwanted tooth staining
  4. Delivers “actives” in the mouth, leaving you feeling clean and fresh
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How our gel toothpastes work

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Gel toothpastes have been marketed around the globe for over 40 years. Developed to deliver long-lasting freshness, with a similar and last effect of mouthwash.

Gel toothpastes maximise fluoride bioavailability which means it allows fluoride to work more than a traditional toothpaste. With added active agents like Zinc, we are unique in delivering total oral care health, while making brushing teeth a pleasurable experience.