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(SPOT.ph) For the past 5 decades, Closeup toothpaste has been delivering freshness to its consumers to encourage closeness of any and all forms. Through the years and with every new breakthrough product we release, the commitment to this mission grows stronger and stronger.

Now, more than ever, our consumers have continued to step up their game, going all-out in whatever they do in their day-to-day lives. As a brand committed to keeping up, we have the perfect response—a one-stop solution that goes all-in with what you need.

Introducing, the NEW Closeup All Around Fresh--Closeup’s Anti-bacterial Toothpaste!

The NEW Closeup All Around Fresh takes care of your top oral care needs and keeps you at the top of your game with All Around Oral Care for truly fresh breath that leads to All Around confidence. With Closeup, you can say goodbye to bad breath and hello to fresh breath and white teeth.

A different toothpaste from the rest

All Around Oral Care has never been this great. The NEW Closeup All Around Fresh is your one-stop, multi-benefit solution that redefines fresh breath as a result of excellent comprehensive oral care. It gives you five benefits that go all-in on taking care of your top oral care needs.

Cleans deeply

It has deep cleaning action with foam formation that deeply cleans to guarantee whole mouth care including the teeth, tongue, cheeks, and gums.

Fights bacteria

The NEW Closeup All Around Fresh is everything but ordinary because it is Closeup’s anti-bacterial toothpaste formulated with anti-bacterial mouthwash to give you All-Out fresh breath and protection all day!

Lifts plaque

This Closeup Whitening Toothpaste helps you get rid of plaque that causes cavities and gum problems. With every brush, your mouth gets a whole new clean slate so that you can be All Around Fresh and at your All-Out best all the time!

Prevents cavities

Keep your teeth safe from cavities with the NEW Closeup All Around Fresh’s #AllinAllout fluoride protection. Cavities are kept at bay so that you are smile-ready and have fresh breath throughout the day.

Refreshes mouth

The NEW Closeup All Around Fresh comes with the cooling sensation of peppermint and a burst of fresh spearmint flavor. It’s perfectly formulated with anti-bacterial mouthwash and cleansing crystals to give you a refreshing kick of freshness for all around confidence.

Two variants for All Around Oral Care

The NEW Closeup All Around Fresh is formulated using a breakthrough technology that combines bacteria-fighting mouthwash and cleansing crystals to give you more than just the cool, after-brushing sensation. It comes in two variants: Cooling Mint and Soothing Menthol.

Cool Mint bursts with peppermint flavor that’s not only refreshing but also tasty at the same time! And if you want a fresh explosion of spearmint in your mouth, our Soothing Menthol is the perfect choice. Whichever flavor you choose, you’re guaranteed to get All-Out Freshness from your favorite toothpaste for fresh breath – now ready to give you All Around Oral Care - Closeup’s all around toothpaste.

Why should you add the NEW Closeup All Around Fresh to your oral care regimen?

The NEW Closeup All Around Fresh takes care of your top oral care needs and gives you All Around Oral Care for All Around Freshness. Even our partner dentists have given their thumbs up to this amazing toothpaste because it addresses all the essentials to give you truly fresh breath.

Dr. Marjan Nassiri recommends it for complete mouth care “because the five benefits it offers is everything you need for an overall clean mouth – in just one toothpaste!”

Dr. Miguel Librojo believes the NEW Closeup All Around Fresh “gives you multiple benefits with every single brush – a one-stop, all-in-one oral care solution”.

Dr. Far Shamsi knows that this amazing toothpaste addresses your oral care needs by cleaning your mouth, fighting bacteria, preventing plaque and cavities, and refreshing your breath.

It’s time to make the switch and choose Closeup’s whitening toothpaste--the  NEW Closeup All Around Fresh for #AllAroundOralCare that leads to all around, truly fresh breath. Available HERE.