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Beat bad breath and yellow stains with our unique formula that delivers longer-lasting fresh breath and brighter, whiter teeth.


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Bring back your natural white smile! Whitening and gentle at the same time? Yes, its true. An advanced whitening toothbrush: with two types of whitening action filaments, rubber and spiral structure, that: 1) lift stains from your teeth and 2) are gentle on your teeth and gums.Whitening results in a gentle way.
Bring back your natural white smile! Close Up toothbrush with the new Xcel-White filaments (bristles) give you a whitening experience like no other. Despite their effectiveness, the bristles are soft and gentle to avoid damage. This soft toothbrush has a sleek and stylish handle to match that will add sparkle to your bathroom. The small brush head and easy-grip handle help you reach every part of your mouth, even the hard to reach back teeth
If you need an ultra-soft toothbrush, Closeup Precision Clean Toothbrush is for you. The small brush head ensures greater efficiency in oral hygiene. It provides better access to your back teeth and other hard-to-reach places. This feature helps to reduce the risk of gum disease, tooth decay and tooth cavity. Closeup Precision Clean Toothbrush provides 3x more fine and soft bristles compared to normal toothbrushes. The Precision Clean Ultra Soft provides 4-mil diameter filaments compared to the standard 7- mil diameter filaments found in regular toothbrushes. They are gentle on teeth and gums while being able to remove bacteria and plaque. It is also suitable for people with sensitive teeth.