Closeup Anti-bacterial Mouthwash Red Hot 250ml

Closeup Anti-bacterial Mouthwash Red Hot 250ml- 250ml.

100% proven action against bacteria for long lasting fresh breath 


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Close-up antibacterial mouthwash

Active Zinc Formula 


Close-up antibacterial mouthwash

Closeup Red Hot anti-bacterial mouthwash is infused with active zinc formula that has 100% proven action against bacteria for whole mouth protection 24/7*.


For external use only. not to be swallowed. Keep out of reach of children. Store in a cool and dry place. Keep it away from direct heat or sunlight. See All Ingredients

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Rinse with undiluted 20ml for 30 seconds. Gargle & expel. Do not swallow the rinse. Use twice daily. Do not rinse mouth with water or eat or drink 30 minutes post rinse. For best results, use together with closeup toothpaste.

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