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the closeup Story

The story begins in 1965.

Before Closeup, the world of toothpaste was all about white chalk-based pastes. Closeup was the first in the world to combine the efficacy of silica base, infused with mouthwash, with the transparency of a gel. To make the best teeth whitening products, Closeup has a team of professionals committed to developing innovative toothpastes supported by clinically proven technologies with a specific focus on anti-caries protection combined with superior freshness and visible whitening.

With your support we can make an impact by promoting a flavoursome and colorful way to deliver all-round oral health and a more confident smile.    

How it works

Gel: Proven Efficacy for Good Oral Health

Developed to deliver long-lasting freshness equivalent to that obtainable from mouthwashes, closeup gel toothpaste maximises the delivery of fluoride for the ultimate efficacy to whiten teeth. With the inclusion of additional active ingredients such as zinc, silica-gel toothpastes have the unrivalled potential to deliver oral health benefits while delivering a revitalising burst of freshness.  

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Closeup toothpaste gives you:

  1. 12 hours of fresh breath*
  2. Strong, white teeth
  3. Stain reduction

*based on an in-vivo study with regular use over 4 weeks.

Closeup gel toothpaste is infused with active zinc mouthwash and micro shine crystals to give you the freshest breath and white teeth.