Tips to Celebrate Valentine’s Day in Lockdown

Every year, on 14 February, stores are full of excited people buying roses, cute teddy bears, boxes of chocolates and even engagement rings for their significant others. It’s the one day, apart from Christmas and birthdays, where people don’t mind spending money on their baes.

But this year, we celebrate this day of love under lockdown level 3. So, what’s a couple in love to do? Don’t despair. We’ve got a few ideas that will keep you loved up this Valentine’s Day.

Breakfast in Bed

This is a classic Valentine's Day idea that never gets old. Imagine waking up to the smell of a freshly made breakfast (with an extra-special twist, of course). Make sure the breakfast includes their favourite treats and don't forget a fresh bunch of flowers!

Spa Treatment

Sit back, relax and enjoy the day with a spa treatment. Dim the lights, light the candles and give your significant other a soothing massage. Set the mood with love songs playing softly in the background, scatter rose petals onto the floor and bed, and run a bubble bath. It’s going to be a night to remember!

Dress Up

Just because you’re celebrating this day of love at home does not mean that you should not dress up. Wear your favourite date-night outfit or if you want to be sentimental, wear the same outfit you wore when you first locked eyes or celebrated the first milestone in your relationship. Now slay!

Make Use of the Outdoors

Whether you have a garden or patio, there are several things you can do outside, especially if the weather is beautiful. Set up a picnic in the backyard and decorate it according to you and your significant other’s taste. Toast marshmallows over a fire; afterwards lay under the stars as you share the secrets of your heart.

Write Cute Posts

Write down cute notes about what you love the most about your special person and place the notes in places where your partner frequents. Stick the notes onto mirrors, in cupboards, on the fridge door, etc.

Create a Scrapbook

Print out pictures that capture significant milestones in your relationship and paste them into a cute scrapbook. Add heart cut-outs and pen cute little notes on every page for that romantic touch. Yes, this will take time, but your partner will feel super loved once they see all the effort you put into this gift.

Don’t let lockdown get you down. Celebrate this Valentine’s Day by making bae feel loved and appreciated. For fresh breath use Closeup toothpaste – trust us, with these tips, those kisses will come flooding in!



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