The freedom to love whomever you want

Love knows no bounds. So why should we feel ashamed of who we fall in love with?

If your partner is of a different race, generation or of the same sex then you’re probably familiar with those awkward stares you have to endure whenever you’re together. As we celebrate Human Right’s Day on 21 March, we express our freedom to love! No if’s or but’s!

Fight for your love

It’s difficult. Loving someone your family and friends disapprove of based on their race, age or sex is not easy. But at the end of the day, your happiness comes first. Don’t be afraid to speak up about what you like and don’t like – even if those close to you don’t approve. They should still respect your boyfriend or girlfriend. Set the record straight early on, and they will soon realise that saying anything negative in front of you about your relationship is off-limits!

Don’t let it affect you

Yes, people will gossip and stare, but that shouldn’t change how you and your partner feel about each other. Walk hand-in-hand, laugh loudly, love unconditionally and be unapologetic! You don’t need to answer to people who don’t understand your love. Just focus on your relationship and be happy!

Speak about it!

It can be hard to love someone without feeling entirely at liberty to do so. Remember to speak to your partner about how you feel. If the negativity is getting you down, the worst thing that you can do is take your frustrations out on your loving partner. Talk to bae when you’re upset and remember that if an outsider has caused a problem, keep it between you and them. You relationship shouldn’t suffer because of it.

Here’s to unconditional love. Don’t forget to brush your teeth with Closeup toothpaste so you can have fresh breath whenever you lean in for that kiss. #LetLoveWin


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