Six ways to admit you like someone of the same gender

Having fresh breath gives you confidence, but sexuality can be a very confusing thing – it comes in all shapes and sizes, and there are no guidelines on how it should look.

That's why same-sex attraction can be a confusing part of discovering who you are. If you are looking for ways to explore your sexuality, here are six ways to admit that you like someone of the same gender:

Talk to someone you trust

If you are ready to externalise your feelings, perhaps it's time to say it out aloud and gauge how it makes you feel. Talk to someone you trust about the fact that you may have feelings for someone of the same gender. If you need to, you can talk to a counsellor or a therapist, and they will help you explore your sexuality and understand precisely how you may be feeling. They can offer advice without judgement and will help you to work through your emotional hurdles.

Give it time

Rather than rushing into something for a moment of passion, consider that you may be feeling lonely, frustrated or lustful. If the feelings stick around for more than a few days or weeks, then you know that there is some longevity to how you feel.

Understand that its normal

Often, people consider themselves abnormal for having feelings towards people of the same gender. The reality is, it’s normal to love and be attracted to people no matter what gender they may be. As people, we are united by our need to love and be loved, and there are no rules about how we can and should express love for one another.

Know that you don’t need a label

You don't need a label to express your true feelings – because it's not a matter of picking a side. Sexuality is complicated, and so are your emotions, there is no pressure to label yourself as gay, straight or bisexual. There are so many ways for you to express yourself without having to define who you are in a single word. If people specifically ask you to label yourself, you can let them know that you are "exploring" who you are.

Practice self-love

Above all, practice self-love and respect yourself enough to accept that people will always have an opinion, and sometimes that may make you feel uncomfortable. If you love yourself enough to own who you are and explore your true self, nothing else really matters. Pay attention to your grooming, take care of your nutrition, mental and physical health and the rest will happen when the time is right. Always make sure you have fresh breath using your favourite Closeup toothpaste because you never know when self-care means taking charge of your romantic destiny.


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