7 Kisses That Should Be on Everyone’s Lips

There are several kinds of kisses, and although we’re mostly exposed to the bare minimum, it’s never a bad idea to learn more.

The Spiderman

Inspired by the famous Spiderman and Mary-Jane kiss, this one is quite popular and is often recreated. It’s much safer to do this on the bed, couch or anywhere indoors. As for hanging halfway down a building wall, we wouldn’t recommend that.

Royal Hand Kiss

This kiss is quite formal but can also be used by couples. A simple peck on the top of someone’s hand is how this kiss rolls out.

Air Kiss

This is quite common amongst friends and family members who greet each other. It’s often displayed by two people who lean in close for a kiss while puckering their lips but never actually kiss. You could actually call it a Bluetooth kiss.

The Eskimo

This kiss is often shared between parents and children, but it’s just as cute to have with your special person. This kiss happens when two people rub their noses together. It’s been reported that early explorers of the Arctic expressed their affection this way.

French Kiss

This is probably the most common and intimate kiss of all time. It requires an open mouth and a bit of tongue. Because this requires some tongue action, we recommend you use Closeup toothpaste to ensure fresh breath before leaning in for that kiss.


This is a sweet kiss that is most common amongst romantic partners, but also amongst family members. This is perceived as a more compassionate and warmer kiss.

Peck on the cheek

There are two ways this kiss can go down: By greeting a familiar face with a peck on each cheek or simply a peck on one cheek.


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