Lessons on Love Learned During the Lockdown

For many people, intimacy is synonymous with physical touch. There's no denying the rush of feel-good chemicals that course through your body when you hug a partner, hold their hand or share a kiss.

But with physical distancing being one of the major foundations of the national lockdown, many couples have had to rethink their views on intimacy. Closeup spoke to three of its influencer couples, and all of them pretty much came to the same conclusion: you can still be close without being close.

Reesah Abertus and Immanuel Makuse


Reesah and Immanuel, a pair of flight attendants, are a Cape-Town based couple that also owns a clothing label.

"We've been apart during this period. It was tricky in the beginning, and there are still a few challenging days, but we try to see it as a good challenge. After all, absence makes the heart grow fonder! Besides, we take social distancing seriously, and there'll be lots of time to cuddle in the future. We always stay in touch, and we just call whenever we miss each other. We also send each other funny texts to keep our spirits up. That works really well!"

Nadine Cerffx and Leago Scars


Leago, a fashion vlogger, model and content curator; and Nadine, a model and influencer, are a Johannesburg-based couple.

"Living apart during the lockdown has made our relationship stronger. The lockdown has taken away our ability to touch and see each other in person, which made us appreciate the genuine love that exists between us. Situations like these make you realise how strong the love for your partner is, even when there's no physical contact. We've been contacting each other via video calls and texts, but one of my favourite ways to stay close is listening to songs that remind me of the moments we've shared together."

Yoliswa Mqoco and Megan Mitchell


Yoliswa, a model and stylist; and Megan, a photographer, are a Cape Town-based couple.

"Living together during the national lockdown has reminded us of the importance of indulging in some alone time to maintain a healthy relationship. It's also shown us that intimacy goes far beyond physical touch because we're still able to spend time with our loved ones through technology. Thanks to the internet, we're still present in their lives even though we're not with them in person. If couples want to stay close without being close, it's really important to communicate daily and check how their partner is really doing."

Even if there's anything to be learned, it's that love is flexible. True love can bend and reshape itself to adapt to the circumstances. And remember, regardless of what's happening, you are still free to love whomever you want!