Keeping the spark alive in your new relationship

Having a new bae is way more exciting than finally receiving that pair of shoes you bought online. So, if you’ve found the perfect “soul” to your shoe and the two of you are walking off into the sunset together, allow your budding romance to flourish with these tips:

Don’t - dwell on the past

Your new ‘person’ probably doesn’t want to listen to you talking about your previous mistakes or heartaches or the way your ex-partner’s habits used to frustrate you. If you’re newly dating, this is a big no-no. Don’t worry though; the time will eventually come to discuss former failed relationships.

Do - Get to know your new beau better

When you’re out on a date, ask about his hobbies, favourite music, what fascinates him and his dreams for life. Maybe you have many things in common, maybe you don’t. But you’ll only be able to find this out if you shift your focus past your former relationships and focus on the now.

Don’t - rush things

Moving too fast may not be a good idea. And why rush anyway? We’re always told how we’ve got our entire lives ahead of us, so there really is no reason to move too fast, especially when we’re still unsure about where the relationship is going.

Do: Wait!

If your new girl wants to share a first kiss on the fourth date instead of the first one, why not wait and let things flow naturally? But make sure you brush your teeth with Closeup Cool Breeze before every date. And have some mints on you just in case garlic was on the menu!

Don’t - Be too clingy

Messaging them every day to show let them know you’re thinking of them is sweet. But know when to read the signs when things get a bit overwhelming for them. You don’t want them to think you’re needy, or even worse, desperate!

Do - Give them space.

If they cancel their plans with you to spend some time with a close mate or family member who is going through a tough time, allow them to do so. You can always move your plans to the following day or week. If you show you care about those close to them, you’re inadvertently showing how much you care about them too.

Don’t – play hard to get for too long

Need we say more? When you’re ready, cuddle up and get close. But make sure to avoid bad breath by brushing twice a day every day.

Do - brush your teeth with Closeup toothpaste even if you’re only going to see him or her later that day. Closeup Deep Action Toothpaste Red Hot promises 12 hours of fresh breath.


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