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How to Miss Your Partner a Bit Less


Being away from your partner for a long time is no one's idea of fun. While everyone understands why social distancing is necessary, it still doesn't stop you from wanting to bond with your partner in person.

Thankfully, there are many ways to work around that sadness and adopt a more positive mindset. We've put together a list of five things you can do to miss your partner a bit less:

Reach Out

This is the simplest way to miss your partner less. Whether you send a text or by way of a video call, reach out to your partner and let them know you're thinking of them. The joy that comes with seeing and hearing your partner on a video call, or going back and forth via text, can do wonders for your mood.

Plan for the Future

You're not going to be separated from your partner forever. There will come a time when their voice won't be heard through a phone, and you'll have the option to plant your lips on theirs instead of a cellphone screen. You need to think about what you'll do when that happens. Will you cook them a hearty dinner, binge on a new series you've been itching to watch with them or simply cuddle on the couch the way you used to when you were together? Thoughts of a pleasant future always make the present a bit more bearable.

Work on a New Skill

Being someone's partner can sometimes feel like a fulltime job (even though it's a job you wouldn't trade for the world). Since you have a bit more time to yourself, why not invest those free hours towards one of your passions. Maybe you've always wanted to start a podcast or vlog, but never really had the time. Or perhaps you've been interested in collage art but couldn't squeeze it into your schedule. Use your newfound idle time to pursue your passions. It's a fun way to keep yourself occupied while learning something new.

Strengthen the Relationships with Those Around You

If you live with your siblings or housemates, now might be a good time to strengthen the bond you have with them. If you have a bunch of board games lying around at home, now might be the perfect time to blow the dust off them. Alternatively, you could host a backyard picnic or braai with your housemates or relatives.

Laugh Until Your Sides Hurt

Laughter is the best medicine. If you're subscribed to a streaming service, go through the comedy section and find something hilarious to watch. Whether it's a standup comedy special, a series or a romantic comedy, set aside an hour or two every day to watch something funny.

Above all, remember that no distance can get rid of genuine love and attraction. No matter how far away your partner is, if the love is true, it will return to you.


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