How To Give Your Partner Space When You Live Together

The freedom to love can be liberating, but as the saying goes, "you can have too much of a good thing." Space during a pandemic is a hot commodity- with couples expressing a distinct lack of it since the lockdown.


But contrary to what you may think, space takes various forms, for example, emotionally, spiritually and physically. Here are some ways to give your partner space when you live together to foster a longer, healthier relationship:


Switch up the couple routine

From brushing your teeth together, to watching your favourite TV shows and sharing every single meal; perhaps it's time to switch things up? Instead of continually treading on each other's toes, agree on 'alone time'. Select different activities and pursue them.


Embrace comfortable silence

Instead of feeling the need to fill the silence with unnecessary banter, be open to sitting in silence as an opportunity for introspection. As a couple, explore learning the difference between healthy and unhealthy silence.


Create Reset spaces

Allot designated areas where you can quietly reset. Make sure to clearly define this room, chair or nook, as a place where you can seek solace without being bothered by your partner. A reset space is a great way to allow you to escape without having to ask for space expressly.


Talk about what you need

There is nothing wrong with expressing what you need or how you feel - this is especially true when you need physical or emotional space in a communal area. The key to a healthy, functioning relationship is communicating your needs and wants to your partner without guilt or fear. Communication is a two-way street, so while it's essential to speak your mind, it's also important to listen to what your partner says about what they need too.


Have realistic expectations

Another key to successfully navigating physical and emotional boundaries is having realistic expectations for your partner. Remember that we all function and thrive in different ways, so it's important to respect your companion's preferences.


The freedom to love can be liberating, but it can also become stifling if you lack the essential tools to manage your personal space. Explore these tips to help you manage the intricacies of living together while maintaining healthy spacial and emotional boundaries.


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