How to deal with friends who don’t like your partner

Falling in love happens easily. But the not-so-easy part is introducing your partner to your friends…

Your squad, who probably have been there for you for the longest time, may raise their eyebrows at your girlfriend or boyfriend. But what you don’t want to do is to pick a side – it never ends well. You happiness is the only thing that matters. So here are a few tips to remember:

Be open

If the squad doesn’t approve of your bae, then he or she will have probably noticed the way they were treated. Brushing the issue under the carpet won’t do anyone any good, so be completely honest about it all. You should be able to discern whether your friends have a good reason to dislike some of your partner’s traits or not. If they don’t like the way you are treated, give it a bit of thought and speak to your partner about it. But if your friends are just being petty for no reason, you should be open enough to tell them just that.


No matter how you feel, if your mates have been loyal from the start, they’re probably just concerned about you and are looking out for you. If they’re being overprotective, try to understand where they are coming from. Perhaps your previous relationship didn’t end well, or you have a bad dating history, which could cause your friends to worry about you in a new relationship.

Give it time

If they love you, they’ll want you to be happy. They may be a bit concerned now, but when they see that you are genuinely happy, it should make them happy too. Perhaps they just need a bit more time to get to know your new partner.

If you love your partner, standing by them is important – the rest of the people will deal. And when you’re out with bae, having the time of your life, make sure you have long-lasting fresh breath so you can welcome those intimate moments with your eyes closed and arms opened.


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