How to Brighten Your Teeth

When you think of a beautiful smile, it's safe to bet that the image that comes up is of sparkling white teeth. There's something visually appealing about a sparkling set of pearly whites. A snow-white smile radiates confidence, warmth and beauty. There are a few things more inviting than a genuine smile, so it's no surprise that people put so much effort into getting a smile fit for the big screen.

Proper dental care is about a lot more than getting long lasting fresh breath and a clean mouth. If you're using the right toothpaste, there's a good chance you've already covered those bases. But what about yellow teeth? Sometimes, brushing two or three times a day and flossing regularly isn't enough to keep your teeth from developing a bit of dullness. That's hardly a problem, though. Using the right toothpaste correctly can give your teeth the sparkle you've always wanted. But before you develop a picture-perfect smile, it's a good idea to know what causes your teeth discolour.

What Causes Tooth Discolouration

Many things can make teeth lose their natural sparkle, including:

Food: Coffee, tea, sugary drinks, certain fruit and veggies and fizzy drinks can stain your teeth.

Ageing: The older you get, the thinner the outer layer of enamel on your teeth gets, revealing the natural colour of dentin (the inner part of your teeth).

Genetics: Some people are born with a thinner enamel, which makes them more prone to tooth discolouration.

How to Prevent Tooth Discolouration

Keeping your teeth white isn't hard work. Turning a few simple practices into habits can help you maintain your bright smile. A few ways to do this include:

Cutting back on the amount of coffee or sugary drinks you consume. Having your teeth cleaned by a dental hygienist at least once every six months. Brushing, flossing, and using a mouthwash more regularly. Closeup Deep Action toothpaste is specially formulated with micro-shine crystals and active zinc mouthwash, so there's no need to look for a separate mouthwash product.

How to Treat Tooth Stains at Home

If you're already brushing and flossing two or three times a day, you've covered the basics of oral hygiene. But sometimes that's just not enough to give you the desired effect. If that's the case, you can remove the stains by switching your brushing technique. You can do this by:

  •  Using a brush with comfortable bristles
  •  Brushing for more than two minutes
  •  Go up and down, instead of left and right
  •  Paying special attention to your gum line
  •  Replacing your toothbrush every three or four months

Everyone can have a sparkling smile. It's not something that's reserved for A-list celebrities with access to high-end dentists. If you've got the right toothpaste and technique, discolouration is something you'll rarely, if ever, have to worry about.


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