How to Ace Online Dating

According to a 2017 study, 1 in 3 South Africans uses online dating services and apps. With social distancing becoming a part of everyday life, that figure is likely to increase over the years. Now more than ever, online dating services are the best place to start romantic relationships.

Creating a dating profile is easy: you answer a few questions, upload a picture of yourself and click register on a website. That simplicity is why most dating apps have a large number of active accounts. Which brings us to our problem. How do you stand out on a dating app or website with hundreds of thousands of subscribers?

Have you ever wondered why some people have no problem getting matches on online dating services and apps, while others can’t seem to find their match? The formula is simple: take good pictures and write an interesting profile. This is how you do both:

Take Good Pictures

The pictures on your dating profile serve two purposes: they show off your best physical features and draw someone into your world. When it’s time to take photos for your profile, approach the task with the same seriousness as you would a professional photoshoot. Cut or style your hair, wear the best outfits in your wardrobe and apply makeup if needs be.

Also, give some thought to what kind of pictures you want to take. Try to take photos that give the world an idea of who you are. Are you an avid fan of handmade collage art? Take a picture of yourself working on your latest piece. Or maybe you’re a skilled pianist. In that case, take a few pictures of yourself playing the keys. The point is to show your potential match that you live an exciting life that’s worth sharing with someone special.

Write a Short Bio

When it comes to writing a bio, less is more. The best ones are short, witty and leave the reader with more questions than answers. The aim is to reveal enough to get someone interested, but not enough to figure you out completely.

Since you’re probably going to mention a few of your interests, be careful not to do it predictably. Instead of describing yourself as a film enthusiast, rather say something specific, such as the last rom-com that made you think about the true meaning of life. Instead of describing yourself as a bookworm, why not throw in a few quotes by your favourite author?

While online dating is a bit different from meeting people in real life, it’s not a completely different ball game. Whether you meet someone on an app or out in the real world, the basic principles of creating romantic interest are the same: look and sound your best. And there’s no need to worry about physical proximity. You can still be close without getting close.