7 Ways to Get Lucky and Closer to Your Crush

How Intimacy Can Thrive From a Distance

Intimacy is the foundation of any successful relationship. Looking into your partner's eyes as you trace the lines in their palm with your finger creates a closeness that's hard to replicate. Surrendering your personal space for a hug or a kiss is essentially letting someone into the VIP section of your heart. Only a select few are allowed in.

But sometimes, there are more serious concerns than pressing your body against your partner for a hug or having your faces millimetres apart before a kiss. Whether it's moving to another part of the country to study, or practicing self-isolation and social distancing during a public health emergency, there are times when it won't be practical to see your partner. This is how you keep the spark alive:

Video Chat Every Day

Just because you can't see your partner in the flesh, doesn't mean you can't see them at all. And even if you have the schedule of a Silicon Valley hotshot, you can still make time for a video chat with the keeper of your heart. Seeing your partner's face every day, even if it's only for five minutes, goes a long way. The constant visual connections build the same familiarity that comes with seeing someone in person every day.

Send as Many Photos as You Can

What's the first thing your partner asks you when you get back home? "How was your day?". You haven't noticed, but you answer that question with more than just words. If you've had a long day, maybe you rub your forehead, let out a loud sigh and say, "Where do I begin?". There's a visual aspect to your communication that you may have been unaware of. Keep it going by taking pictures of your daily experiences (e.g. being stuck in traffic) and share them with your partner.

Get Used to Oversharing

Emotional intimacy is just as strong as physical intimacy, and sharing your feelings is a trusted shortcut into someone's heart. Talk about anything and everything, and cram in as many details as you can. When it's your partner's turn to share, switch off the tiny voice in your head and listen attentively to every detail, no matter how trivial it seems.

Go on a Date

Distance doesn't have to get in the way of date. There's plenty you can do even though you're not in the same room. You could read a book to each other, share a sunset over the phone, play Truth or Dare, or set up an arts and craft night. Doing something with your partner will help you focus on the joy of sharing a moment with them instead of the sadness of being apart. 

Just remember to prepare for this as you would any other date. Wear clean, fitting clothes, have your hair styled and use Close Up toothpaste for a sparkling smile.

Being away from your partner doesn't spell the end of your relationship. You can be close without being close.


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