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5 Couples You'll Bump into at Varsity

If there's one thing varsity is good at, it's showing you how big the world is. It's infinitely bigger than a high school and is probably the one place where you will routinely interact with people from all walks of life.

But as big as a university or college is, you probably have an idea what kind of people you're going to bump into. Bookworms, sports fanatics, philosophers and party animals — and that's just the tip of the iceberg. If it's fair to assume you're going to bump into a certain kind of person, then it's reasonable to suppose you'll come across a certain kind of couple. 

Whether you're at a university or college, you're bound to bump into one of these couples:

Moguls in the Making

A thick file full of study notes, textbooks glowing with highlighter streaks and a report card with marks that make them the envy of everyone in the faculty. This would be impressive even if one person pulled it off, but it borders on a miracle when a couple does it together. Expect to find these two in the library with their noses between a book.

Fitness Fanatics

His and hers gym wear? Check. Matching training sneakers? Check. Squeeze bottles to keep hydrated (protein shake for the gentleman and lemon water for the lady)? Check! There's no need to look for a gym buddy when your partner is just as passionate at fitness as you. And let's be honest: exercising is far easier when your partner is by your side.

Long-Distance Duo

You're only ever going to see one half of this couple. The other one is usually on the other end of the phone, probably hundreds of kilometres away. Chances are, these two met in their teens and can't imagine life without each other. They're not trying to be rude when they text during a lecture or social gathering: they're trying to stay in touch with someone who left with a piece of their heart.

PDA Pair

You'll need a referee to break up the never-ending game of tongue tennis played by this couple. Everywhere is fair game. The hallways leading to lecture rooms, the cafeteria, the lab...they just can't keep their hands off each other. With that much kissing going on, you can bet both of them have long-lasting fresh breath. There's no room for bad breath when you're always locking tongues.

High School Sweethearts

This couple couldn't bear the thought of spending three years away from one another. The solution? Go to the same university, live at the same res, and attend the same parties. It may seem O.T.T to some people, but there's nothing wrong with making provisions for love to blossom.

Whatever type of couple you bump into, remember the golden rule of relationships: you are free to love whomever you want. 


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