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What is Single Shaming?

It is essential to know that your romantic partner does not define your value in this social media-frenzied world. It is easy to forget the joys of singledom when we live in a society where being single is seen as a failure or shameful. Being single is often associated with being alone on weekends, battling heartbreak or having no one to send a Valentine's Day card and roses to. What is single shaming, and how can you respond to it? Read below to find out more:

Insights into Single Shaming

Single shaming is the idea that being single is 'less' than being in a relationship. The phenomenon 'single shaming' refers to the act or activity of subjecting a single person to shame, disgrace, humiliation, especially by public exposure or criticism. Online dating service, Match has found that 52 percent of people have experienced single-shaming since the start of the pandemic. Experts can trace it back to the halls of history, where a woman's worth was determined by marital status. Closeup has solutions for you to keep the single shamers at bay.

How to Respond to Single Shaming

Whether it is a nosy relative or an inquisitive work colleague, someone is bound to ask you the dreaded question, "Why are you still single?". Whether you are single or in a relationship, both have their perks. Being single means, you can be spontaneous and revel in free time with yourself. Being single also means you have the freedom to love yourself and learn more about what makes you happy. Here are few ways to respond the next time you are single shamed:

1. Speak About Your Interests

It is important to vocalise that your world does not revolve around a relationship status. If whomever you are talking to does not get the hint that you aren't particularly interested in discussing your love life, then change the topic. Chat about your career, your latest interests or hobbies. You can steer the conversation by expressing why you enjoy being single. This way, you control the narrative!

2. You Don't Need a Relationship to Prove Your Worth

When you believe in your worth, you will soon realise that a romantic partner does not define your value. Celebrating who you are, who you were and what you're becoming is part of self-actualising. So next time you are asked why you are still single, say the following: "I don't need a partner to prove my worth" and do it with a confident smile! For the perfect smile to silence the single shamers, use Closeup toothpaste.

3. Being Single is Nothing to be Ashamed Of

When you find yourself in the middle of a single shaming conversation, stay calm and refrain from defending yourself. And what for? Being single is nothing to be ashamed of. You might find yourself overexplaining and making excuses for why you are single, but you do not have to explain your life choices to anyone. And you certainly do not have to give the single shamer the upper hand. Instead, describe your life being single and what you enjoy about it. This way, your positivity is infectious, and you nip the single shaming in the bud.

While you strut around town happily single, try Closeup toothpaste for fresh breath and a brighter smile!