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how to tell your partner they have bad breath

Relationships are even more beautiful when based on a foundation of honesty. Being honest with your partner about bad breath could improve your relationship. However, this may be a difficult subject to broach with your loved one. Closeup shares valuable tips on how to tell your partner that they have bad breath without hurting their feelings or causing embarrassment.

Honesty is the Best Policy

When it comes to relationships, it is important to always keep it real with your partner. Share your likes and dislikes with bae. You can do this in a polite yet honest manner, without making your partner feel personally attacked. Be honest with your partner and bring to their attention that their breath does not smell great. Provide plenty of solutions and always communicate that you will support them in this endeavour.

Support Your Partner

It is crucial that in a romantic relationship, you help and support your partner! Suggest that they look after their oral hygiene, as you will too. Explore options like using Closeup Deep Action toothpaste that offers awesome freshness and lasts up to 12 hours, changing a toothbrush or brushing their tongue. Have your partner kiss bad breath away and say hello to long lasting fresh breath.

Be Forthcoming About Your Likes and Dislikes

A successful relationship is one where you learn from each other. It is essential to be forthcoming with your partner to keep your relationship happy. Educate your partner about what causes bad breath; factors like certain foods, tobacco products, poor dental hygiene and dry mouth are just some of the causes. You can also educate your partner on what to use for bad breath by sharing interesting Closeup articles that shed more light on oral hygiene. More kisses, here we come!

Tell Them In a Joking Way

If your partner has a healthy sense of humour, deliver the truth through a joke. Please don’t attempt this if you have a sliver of a doubt that you could hurt their feelings. The best way to tell your partner (who enjoys a joke) about something bothering you is to deliver the news in a light-hearted fashion.

This way, you can playfully deliver the news; for example, you can say, “your breath sure is banging today!” Avoid name-calling and deprecating humour because that leads to embarrassment. Instead, share a good-natured joke about their breath, and in the end, you will both laugh about it!

These are helpful ways to tell your partner they have bad breath without making them feel judged or embarrassed. For more ways to achieve fresh breath, check out Closeup’s toothpaste range.