Closeup Herbal120g.

Do you brush your teeth hurriedly? Do you often forget to use mouthwash or not use it together? do you desire a fresh breath ? Are your teeth covered with a coating of plaque? If your answer to the above questions is yes then Closeup Natural Fresh Herbal is the toothpaste for you.

Its unique Active Zinc Mouthwash not only cleans deep corners of your mouth of residual germs it also fights bacterial causing mouth odur to give you a long lasting 3X Fresh Breath.

Bad breath can be caused by the millions of bacteria that live in your mouth. If you don't brush every day, plaque germs can form. Closeup Natural Fresh Herbal toothpaste helps kill the bacteria and prevents bad breath.

Brushing with Closeup Natural Fresh Herbal toothpaste is one simple step you can incorporate into your daily routine to help keep your mouth healthy, and have a positive effect on your oral health. FDI – World Dental Federation recognizes that brushing twice daily with Closeup Triple Fresh Formula toothpaste is beneficial to oral health.


Close-up antibacterial mouthwash

Awesome freshness for up to 12 hours

  • Experience the ultimate fresh burst of freshness from Closeup
  • Closeup Deep Action Red Hot gel toothpaste helps you get up to 12 hours of fresh breath*
  • This shiny gel infused with active zinc mouthwash helps you get the best sparkling white smile
  • Active Zinc Mouthwash cleans deep corners of your mouth of germs, which hasty brushing often misses
  • Let nothing stop you from getting close to the one you desire
  • Closeup's fresh breath confidence helps you get closer


Close-up antibacterial mouthwash

For amazingly fresh breath and white teeth with every brush


Be ready to make your move with Closeup

Brushing your teeth twice a day with Closeup toothpaste will protect your teeth and gums against bacteria build up and bad breath. So you are ready to make your move!

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