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5 bad breath hacks

When it comes to feeling confident – especially on a first date – don’t let bad breath cramp your style. Gross breath is a nightmare and can make you feel self-conscious when meeting new people or shy about going out. So, what are the best hacks for battling bad breath?

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Everyone has suffered from lame breath, whether after sipping coffee or eating spicy food. Realizing you have a problem can be tricky though, as embarrassed friends often won’t mention the ‘b word’. Ask a trusted pal or try the breath test – blow into your cupped hand then sniff. Waking up with that yukky stank breath taste in your mouth or aware that mates avoid close contact? With our five fixes you’ll be a sparkly Kardashian-worthy social magnet in no time…


1. Brush up before meeting your bae

Start by brushing up on your oral care routine. Clean your teeth thoroughly twice a day, morning and night, use breath-freshening toothpaste such as Closeup and spend a few minutes covering all bases. Daily flossing helps remove plaque and food scraps (especially if your pearly whites are close together). These particles can release dodgy odors if neglected. Use a tongue scraper once a day to reduce nasties. Rinse your mouth daily with cleansing mouthwash too, especially before a hot date, as it accesses the areas a toothbrush can’t reach. Finally, visit your dentist regularly to kick out tooth decay.

2. Sorry, NO garlic

Trigger foods for lingering bad breath include garlic, onions, coffee and alcohol (avoid these if you plan to lock lips!). Garlic and onions often smell more strongly when cooked from fresh but may be less noticeable in pre-bought sauces. There are often hidden ingredients in pizzas, curries or stir-fries, so scan menus carefully. High-protein, meat-focused diets can also screw up breath freshness.

3. Rule morning breath

Freaked by your gnarly morning breath? Waking with a furry tongue is common as reduced saliva flow at night can make bacteria multiply. Drink water on waking, brush your teeth, sluice with mouthwash or chew sugar-free gum after your breakfast or espresso.

4. Stay hydrated

Water is a wonder when battling bad breath, so place a glass by your bed at night and take a reusable bottle to work or the gym. Bad bacteria can thrive when your mouth gets dry, disturbing your breath’s natural balance, so stay rehydrated. Keep a record of how much water you drink and when, then increase the amount gradually. If you snore or breathe through your mouth while sleeping your tongue, gums and inner cheeks get dry. Watch the booze too, as alcohol dries out your system. Your super-fresh breath will thank you for it!

5. Ditch the smokes

Smoking was once considered seductive, but now we smell a rat – literally! Tobacco increases gum disease and worsens morning breath. Kissing a smoker is like snogging an ashtray, so boost your sex appeal by ditching the ciggies. You’ll lower your chances of getting cancer and your looks will look up too, as smoking ages skin. Result! 

Closeup toothpaste is a powerful pal for beating bad breath, combining a silica base, infused with mouthwash, with a new gel technology. The result is a clean mouth, healthier white smile and fresher breath. Closeup Deep Action paste harnesses zinc and fluoride for long-lasting fresh breath, fighting bacteria that cause bad breath. Its unique formula reaches all over the mouth, with zingy flavors including Menthol Paradise, Eucalyptus Freeze, Peppermint Drops and Red Hot