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Less than 3 in 5 youths belive they can get close to sone they are attracted

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In the many years that we've stood for closeness, we've learnt that love happens in more ways than one.

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Get to know the real stories that inspire our #freetolove movement

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Share your support to the #FreeToLove Movement

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Don't let barriers hold you back from experiencing love

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In the face of adversity, love only gets stronger. Two people in love can only get closer.

So from now on, Closeup pledges to advocate for the freedom to love in the most relevant ways we possibly can. Not just in words, But through concrete actions that support communities.

Be our ally and join us in this movement.

Together, we can build a world that's #FreeToLove

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Get the Close-up view on the freedom to love, and the real state of closeness in the Philippines, Brazil and India.
Read more in the 'Freedom of Attraction' Study 2018.

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Closeup is in partnership with the Natasha Goulbourn Foundation (NGF) who has been raising awareness for mental health since 2007, as well as She talks Asia- a movement that celebrates the modern woman and provides Inspiration and support through online content and conferences.

Learn more about our partners by vising their pages.

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