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Our Story

Once upon a time, there were only toothpastes- as in they were literally paste like. They tasted chalky and looked ordinary. It was a dreary dull world of dentists in white coats, x-rays of gums and mouths biting apples! Lots and lots of apples. Then things changed and a revolution happened. It was the start of something new.

Sometime in the 1967, a crazy team of closeup scientists matched the light refractive index of solids and liquids, creating the first transparent toothpaste. That’s a fancy way of saying it was see-through and clear. Filled with the usual good stuff toothpastes had, you know – like fluoride, but with a special dose of mouthwash, these gels not only worked hard but looked good enough to eat! An anti-paste that allowed for more color, fluoride and flavors.

Closeup’s unique spicy freshness captured the imagination of a younger generation and it was born with a mission to give people the confidence to get close. Tired of the same old rhetoric and flavor, this lifestyle brand focused not on the problems, but the benefit of fresh breath, encouraging closeness with confidence.

Nothing replaces the intensity of being physically close, but the closer we get, the less confident we feel. Anxiety creeps in. We pause. Doubt. Stop. There comes our Closeup with the purpose of inspiring people to work on their mutual attraction. In a world full of barriers that keep us apart, closeup encourages people to move forward, and act on their mutual desire to get close, to feel the thrill and heightened sensorial intensity during moments of physical closeness. Closeup inspires to feel free to love.   

How it works

Gel: Proven Efficacy for Good Oral Health

Silica-gel toothpaste have been marketed around the globe for over 40 years. Developed to deliver long-lasting freshness, equivalent to that obtainable from mouthwashes, gel toothpaste maximise Flouride bioavailability for therapeutic efficacy. With the inclusion of additional active agents such as Zinc, silica-gel toothpastes have the unrivalled potential to deliver oral health benefits while making toothbrushing a pleasurable experience.    

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Benefits of a well-formulated gel-based toothpaste:

  1. Enhance breath-freshening efficacy
  2. Enhance the plaque removal functionality
  3. Remove extrinsic tooth stain
  4. Deliver actives in the mouth

Well formulated gels such as Closeup have a unique formula that allows for better reach all over the mouth and deliver all the benefits stated above.