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Journeys of Coming Closer

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In the many years that we've stood for closeness, we've learnt that love happens in more ways than one.

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9 in 10 youths wish for a world where people are free to be with the person they are attracted to 

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But fewer than 3 in 5 youths feel they actually have that freedom.

Barriers hold people back from experiencing the most beautiful feeling in the world.

3 in 4 people

3 out of 4 youths had pursued unconventional relationships

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Yet 1 in 2 of those youths kept their unconventional relationships a secret due to fear of discrimination, judgement or public shame 

53% of youths

53% of our youths fear discrimination, judegment or public shame when in an unconventional relationship

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Support from parents and friends are key enablers of unconventional relationships

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Media is a powerful force that can perpetuate or break stereotyped relationships

Source: Closeup purpose quantitative study, 2007 (n = 3,000 Brazil, India and the Philippines)

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Be an advocate for change.

Join the #FreeToLove movement by lending your voice and sharing your story with us.

Let your words inspire others. Tell us about your personal experiences in overcoming barriers to closeness, or share a message of encouragement to friends who don't feel free to love. Don't forget to use the hashtag #FreeToLove!




Would you fight for love?

In the face of adversity, love only gets stronger.

Since 2011, through Kache Ashar Golpo, Closeup has used Valentine’s day as an occasion to not just celebrate love, but also highlight the hurdles everyday couples face from society. Three stories are selected from thousands of submissions, highlighting the adversities that people continue to face for their right to choose a partner.

Closeup pledges to advocate for the freedom to love in the most relevant ways we possibly can.

Be our ally and join us in this movement.

Together, we can build a world that's #FreeToLove